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  1. Let's Get Loud

From the album Absolutely Everything

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(c) Rolling Way Records 2015
Lyrics and Music by Andrew M. Salgado BMI


Let’s Get Loud
lyrics and music by Andrew M. Salgado (c) 11-15-14

verse 1
let’s turn the dial in this place up
put some party in your dixie cup
mix it up with some soul and some southern pride
no need to worry what ya look like
cause in here everybody’s sippin’ moonshine
only one thing left to do that's lose your mind

Hey, put your drink in the air
make some noise cause you just don’t care
Let’s get loud!

verse 2
Tomorrow - your gonna have a sore throat
cause we gotta you sining every note
now clap your hands to that southern beat

We came to rock and roll
and if your not you can leave theres the door
Now Clap your hands to that southern beat
Lets get loud
whoa whoa whoa a oh oh a oh a