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The Mayan calendar allegedly stopped at 12/21/12, prompting some to believe the world also would end on that day. However, for singer/songwriter Andrew Salgado, 12/21/12 proved to be a whole new beginning—or perhaps rebirth. With understandable trepidation, he underwent a tonsillectomy on that date, naturally worried about what the procedure might do to his melodious voice. He came through with flying colors, though, and now says he’s actually singing and sounding better than ever.

This is very good news for fans and followers of this talented and personable entertainer, who started performing at the tender age of five for his family--and hasn’t really stopped since. Some twenty years later, following the proverbial long and winding road, he stands solidly on the brink of songwriting and recording stardom.
It was not always easy, however. Andrew was forced to doggedly yet impressively battle to overcome both learning disabilities (achieving straight Bs his senior year of high school!) and considerable bullying as a youth. Salgado hung tough during his developmental years--and found major strength and support in his loving family. The grade-school and high-school bullying was so frequent and intense that Andrew now has made it a personal cause to fight as an adult. The perceived learning disabilities belied an intelligence that merely needed some encouragement and independence to blossom. And through nearly all of it, there was the music.

Maybe it started, at least in part, with having a poem published in high school. Perhaps the bullying and the academic struggles also led him to seek an emotional outlet via music. Regardless, he began honing his musical skills while still in high school, by taking various band classes and playing with his dad’s musical combo on Friday nights. Superstars like Elvis and Michael Jackson further inspired him to try various dance moves and singing styles. Later, a youthful romantic interest pushed him into listening to country tunes, and he became a fan of both the genre--and Keith Urban in particular--at very first listen. Another big seed had been planted.

His humble work beginnings ranged from busing tables and cleaning horse stalls, to working for a drugstore chain. Such mundane employment, combined with his solid family background, helped keep him very well-grounded and humble. His enduring love of music has always remained strong, and some successful first-time efforts in songwriting and recording helped him realize (or remember) what he was truly born to do. Writing and singing music became the true focus of his life, and have remained so ever since.

In the meantime, Andrew has already performed at Chicago’s legendary Soldier Field, and at various venues in several states. Equally at home in an intimate cabaret setting or on a bigger stage at a county fair, his infectious energy, self-deprecating humor and wide-ranging talents win over audiences time after time. He’s also done tireless charity work advocating against bullying and in support of autism and cancer research, causes that continue to resonate deeply with him.
As a direct result of his enormous talent, incredible versatility, relentless drive, easy-going likeability and genuine humility, the sky is now the limit for country singer/songwriter Andrew Salgado. Just ask anyone who has seen him perform. With a terrific debut CD and several recorded demos, plus outstanding vocal clips readily available on social media, Salgado is becoming increasingly hard to miss. He has paid plenty of dues already--yet constantly continues to strive to refine his talents. It seems almost inevitable that the “big break” performers always dream of could be just around the corner. It is absolutely impossible not to root for him.

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Andrew Salgado is this year’s Pepsi Southern Original Competition winner! Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam partnered up with Pepsi and Sonicbids in hopes of finding the first ever Pepsi Southern Original artist. The Finale took place at Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, FL. Seven bands went head to head competing with two original songs in front of a panel of judges, a live Club La Vela audience, and a live Google Hangout On Air broadcast audience of viewers from all over the United States.

After extensive deliberation the panel of judges including PCB Entertainment’s Executive Producer Rendy Lovelady, PCB Entertainment’s COO Mark Sheldon, multi-platinum selling Country artist Darryl Worley, and Pepsi Representative Mike McMillan unanimously decided to crown Andrew Salgado the first ever Pepsi Southern Original. Judges were highly impressed with Salgado’s songwriting talent, unique vocal ability, stage presence and felt he embodied a true Southern Original.

Salgado started performing at the tender age of five for his family and hasn’t stopped since. Some twenty years later, following the proverbial long and winding road, Salgado was challenged yet impressively overcame learning disabilities and bullying as a youth. The grade-school and high-school bullying was so frequent and intense that Andrew now has made it a personal cause to fight against it as an adult. Salgado hung tough during his developmental years and found major strength and support in his loving family, friends and music.

We want to congratulate Andrew Salgado on being named the winner of the first ever Pepsi Southern Original competition and for all of his hard work and dedication. We also want to thank all of the contestants and participants, as well as Pepsi for sponsoring the Southern Original competition.

Salgado played one of the Daytime Beach Stages at the festival holding an incredibly fun on stage dance competition and also had the grand privilege to open up for Toby Keith, Eli Young Band, and Darryl Worley on the Main Stage at Frank Brown Park on Saturday September 28 at Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, FL. Salgado will have a song produced by an award winning producer Jim Moose Brown and Darryl Worley, a music video produced for the single, and will sign a development deal with a Nashville management group, and will forever hold the title of Pepsi’s first ever Pepsi Southern Original.

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